iKON’s Junhoe Shows Off His Ripped Post-Work Out Body On Instagram


There are a lot of words to describe iKON‘s Junhoe. First, he’s a stunning heartthrob with the sweetest smile…


He’s an adorable puppy at times…


But most importantly, he’s a charismatic performer oozing with sexiness!


Well Junhoe’s sexy-level went up another couple notches when he updated his Instagram with a post-work out photo of his muscular body!


And to top it all off, he added a second photo of himself posing with an adorable puppy!


This isn’t the first time Junhoe showed off his stunning bod, he’s quite frequently kept his fans in loop with his body-building regime!


Needless to say, iKONICs are more than happy for this early 2019 gift from Junhoe!