iKON’s #Killing_Me_Challenge Is Definitely Happening And You Need To Get On Board

Are you on board the #Killing_Me_Challenge?

iKON‘s latest hit “Killing Me” has sparked a brand new challenge on Instagram called the “#Killing_Me_Challenge”!


Basically, you feature a video where you just want to die (not literally!)… and you add in iKON’s new music video at the perfect part that says “죽겠다 (It’s killing me)”.

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To make the challenge even more fun, iKON’s B.I promised to choose one of the best #Killing_Me_Challenge videos and gift them with a special present! With the prize so desirable, artists like Tablo has gotten on board the challenge!

“The #Killing_Me_Challenge is starting. Anyone who’s anything can all participate. You just need to make a video like this.

I’ll give a present to whoever makes the best video in my eyes. Start ^^”

— B.I


Kim Jinhwan got on board with a special message to his iKONics…

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“You know… I miss you…”

— Jinhwan


Chanwoo made one of B.I waking up in the middle of his tired sleep!

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And Junhoe had the same idea… except he was already “dead”.

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2NE1‘s Dara created one of her seemingly-endless suffering while working out!

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Even Bobby’s own brother created one where he complained about mosquito bites and the heat in the cutest way!

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“Jiwon, go get me medicine for a mosquito bite. It’s so itchy.

Jiwon, turn on the air conditioning. It’s so hot.”

— Bobby’s Brother


Fans have also quickly taken onto the challenge as they created videos of themselves “dying” to iKON’s beauty!

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“They’re so good looking…”

— Fan


As well as taking legendary iKON clips where the members epically fail!


Are you on board the #Killing_Me_Challenge?