Here’s How iKON Members Split The Money Made From Albums And Promotions

Here’s how they feel about the equality of the profit division.

The iKON members opened up about how they share the profits they make from albums and promotions during an interview for Section TV. B.I jokingly expressed remorse that they split the money equally when it comes to promotional activities.

“Unfortunately, we split equally.”

— B.I


Jinhwan and Junhoe countered back that B.I makes a lot of money through his producing rights to royalties, while the other members don’t make nearly as much.

“You take a lot from the royalties on copyright. We don’t get paid anything from royalties.”

— Jinhwan

“The pay for a singer is pretty small.”

— Junhoe


B.I pulled the members back together as he stated that the group doesn’t work for money but for their passion as artists.

“We don’t work for money.”

— B.I


Donghyuk couldn’t help but chirp in that B.I gets a little happier than others when their paycheck arrives.

“Whenever it’s paycheck time, B.I’s lips form a small smile.”

— Donghyuk


Yunhyeong then stepped in and concluded the discussion in the best way possible: giving respect to B.I for working hard as a producer and a member.

“That’s how much B.I works hard for us.”

— Yunhyeong


No matter the pay gap, iKON members started their career for the love of music and will continue to create amazing hits going forward!

Source: Newsen