iKON Releases “But You” M/V Teaser For Anticipated Comeback—Here Is Why Some Fans Speculate It Could Be Their Last

iKON’s teaser showcased a new sound for the group. Excitement is buzzing, but there is a lingering question in the air.

iKON released their M/V teaser for their long-awaited comeback single, “But You”. A few eagle-eyed fans spotted a hint that it could be their last.

iKON mini album teaser image | @withikonic/Instagram

iKON debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment with their single, “My Type”. It has been over a year since the group’s last release and fans have been eagerly awaiting their new music. The trailer for their upcoming single, “But You” was just released and the excitement quickly spread to Twitter.

Among the excitement is the looming question of the future of the group. As idol groups approach the 7th year of their contract, it inevitably brings up conversations of the “7 Year Curse”. A 7 year contract became the standard K-Pop contract length in 2010 after regulations by South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission. With groups often having members with varying popularity, talents, and interests, it’s often a time that groups choose to go their separate ways, hence why it can be considered a curse.

2022 marks the 7th year of iKON’s contract, stirring the question of what is next. Even if the members decide not to renew their contracts with YG Entertainment, it doesn’t always signal the end of the group. Groups like GOT7 and HIGHLIGHT have shown that it is possible to continue group promotions even after some or all of the members have left their original company.

iKON members backstage | @chan_w000/Instagram

Although the M/V teaser is only 25 seconds long and rapidly shifts through different scenes, fans quickly dissected each frame for messages. Viewers caught iKON’s past albums displayed in the skyline in the teaser.

This could just be an ode to the group’s history, but one sign in particular caught a viewer’s attention as it read, “Last Stop”. It is understandable that this caused some unease, especially considering iKON’s contract is set to expire this year.

At this time, there has been no mention or official statement from YG Entertainment or the group’s members about the upcoming contract expiration. Hopefully there will be a long history for the talented iKON!

Their fourth mini album, FLASHBACK, will be released at 6 PM KST May 3. Check out the teaser for their upcoming track below!