iKON Officially Drops New Japanese Album “FLASHBACK [+I DECIDE]”

They are receiving much attention and love in Japan.

According to YG Entertainment, K-Pop idol group iKON officially released their new Japanese album, FLASHBACK [+ I DECIDE]. This album contains a total of 12 tracks including all tracks from their mini third and fourth albums as well as the Japanese version of “Why Why Why” and the Korean version of “AT EASE”.

iKON also recently successfully completed their Japan tour, iKON JAPAN TOUR 2022, and met with fans. In regards to the tour, iKON stated, “The phrase, ‘Let’s be together forever’ is very moving. Most things such as language and culture will be different, but it’s amazing to become one through music. Thank you for always loving and waiting for us. We hope to have more opportunities to meet in the future”.

Source: newsen