iKON Reflect On Their Past Dreams And Future Plans In Emotional Comeback Interview

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

In an emotional comeback interview, iKON reflect on their past dreams and future plans for iKONICS before their upcoming comeback after a whole year.

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DK shared that their initial dreams during debut and their present reality are not the same. It has been six years since their debut, and much has changed. Yunhyeong compared their past and present selves as having fun as a child, versus growing up and maturing.

If we were kids running around street alleys having fun back then, now… I feel like we’re becoming close to being a man.

— Yunhyeong

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Ju-ne further explained the difference between past iKON and present iKON, sharing that back then, they could only express an energy unique to their trainee years, but now they “can portray a different type of energy given that we’ve become more mature.

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iKON also reflected on their relationship with their iKONICS, and expressed their gratitude for their fan’s unwavering love, and excitement to be reunited with them.

It’s been such a long time since I got to see them. When I look at our past concert videos, I can see the precious moments we spent with our fans.

— Jay

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Chanwoo also shares that he’s always thinking of iKONICs, saying “I think about them the most when I dance and sing in a space where our fans don’t exist.” It’s clear how much thought and emotion went into this comeback as they spoke about their fans and plans.

We knew we had to make a comeback for all the fans that’s been waiting for us. So we put a lot of thought into how we should present ourselves for this comeback. How should we approach them so that they can feel fulfilled?

— DK

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The members ended the interview with a heartwarming message to iKONICs:

I feel so happy meeting you guys. Thank you so much for waiting for us all this time, and thank you so much for loving us until this moment.

— Bobby

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So who’s ready for their debut? I sure am. Watch the full interview below.