iKON Returns With “FLASHBACK” After A Year And Two Months

The boys are back!

K-Pop idol group iKON has officially released their fourth mini album, [FLASHBACK], today, making it their first comeback in about a year and two months. The album name, [FLASHBACK], refers to a technique that continuously shows instantaneous change in a scene in a movie. As it is mainly used to express the escalation of tension, the intensity of emotions, or to represent scenes from the past, it is expected to reveal the ever-changing charm of iKON.

The title track, “BUT YOU”, reinterprets 1980s pop music with a modern sound. The members stated, “This is an album that the six members have completed together with one heart. We will show you an intense [FLASHBACK] that gives a glimpse of our present, past and future”.

Source: osen