iKONIC’s Are Pissed Off That YG Entertainment Is Using B.I’s Demo Track Without Crediting Him

iKONIC’s are not happy.

Sechs KiesEun Ji Won is releasing his first solo album under YG Entertainment, and the album features appearances by fellow YG Entertainment artists, including WINNER‘s Mino and Millenium in the title track “I’m On Fire.”

One track in particular garnered a lot of attention with iKONIC’s. Track number 4, “Worthless” shows the song credits as Eun Jiwon writing the lyrics and Millennium (Choi Raesung) doing the composing and arranging.

After listening to the preview of the song, iKONIC’s have pointed out how the song’s demo was actually also produced by B.I, yet he is nowhere to be seen on the credits.

Parts from the demo could clearly be heard in the preview of “Worthless”.

iKONIC’s were very clearly unhappy about how YG Entertainment left B.I off the credits page.

However other iKONIC’s were understanding with how YG Entertainment worked with the situation, considering B.I’s current state of affairs.