iKON’s 5th Anniversary Live Video Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart

Watch and listen but make sure to hang onto your seat because your heart WILL melt.

On September 15, iKON celebrated the 5th Anniversary of their debut by communicating with their fans through V LIVE and YouTube.

The iKON-ON video released before a V LIVE broadcast started with the iKON members discussing what they should do for their fans. The members decided to sing live in their recording studio where all of their albums’ recordings happened.

| iKON/YouTube

Since the members were recording songs in that studio even before they debuted, they thought it would mean a lot to their fans to have them celebrate the 5th Anniversary there at the place where they recorded every single one of their songs.

| iKON/YouTube

iKON members reminisced about how much time has passed since they first started recording in the studio and talk about how long they have known each other.


They wrap up the video by singing “Welcome Back” and “My Type” completely live, and it’s unbelievable how good they sound. You will regret it if you don’t watch this live performance. After the release of iKON-ON, iKON went live on V LIVE to communicate with their fans for over an hour.

Happy 5th Anniversary iKON!

Make sure to check out “iKON-ON” below as well as iKON’s V LIVE broadcast to show support!

Make sure to check out the full V LIVE broadcast on their official page.