iKON’s B.I Doesn’t Follow His Members On Instagram Because Of This Reason

iKON’s B.I doesn’t follow any of his members on Instagram, and now everyone knows why.

iKON‘s B.I has a personal Instagram account where he converses with his fans from all over the world.

But for some reason, he doesn’t follow any of his iKON members – he actually doesn’t follow anyone at all!

ikon bi instagram 4

Kim Jinhwan (Jay) humorously expressed his stance on B.I’s choice of following by wondering if there was a secret rule that leaders of YG groups couldn’t follow others.

“I think there’s a tradition where YG group leaders has to keep their following at 0.”

— Kim Jinhwan


In fact, G-Dragon was one of the first idols to follow no one on Instagram!

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2NE1‘s leader CL also doesn’t follow anyone.

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B.I finally clarified the reason why he doesn’t follow anyone. He just doesn’t want to start following a few people only to end up having to follow a large group of people!

“It’s nothing like that. If I start following someone, I think I’ll have to follow a lot of people, so I just don’t follow anyone.”

— B.I

He cutely apologized to his members, causing them to all burst into laughter!

ikon bi instagram 1

“I’m sorry, guys.”

— B.I

Source: Herald Biz
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