iKON’s B.I Doesn’t Follow His Members On Instagram Because Of This Reason

iKON’s B.I doesn’t follow any of his members on Instagram, and now everyone knows why.

iKON‘s B.I has a personal Instagram account where he converses with his fans from all over the world.


But for some reason, he doesn’t follow any of his iKON members – he actually doesn’t follow anyone at all!


Kim Jinhwan (Jay) humorously expressed his stance on B.I’s choice of following by wondering if there was a secret rule that leaders of YG groups couldn’t follow others.

“I think there’s a tradition where YG group leaders has to keep their following at 0.”

— Kim Jinhwan


In fact, G-Dragon was one of the first idols to follow no one on Instagram!


2NE1‘s leader CL also doesn’t follow anyone.


B.I finally clarified the reason why he doesn’t follow anyone. He just doesn’t want to start following a few people only to end up having to follow a large group of people!

“It’s nothing like that. If I start following someone, I think I’ll have to follow a lot of people, so I just don’t follow anyone.”

— B.I


He cutely apologized to his members, causing them to all burst into laughter!

“I’m sorry, guys.”

— B.I

Source: Herald Biz