iKON’s Bobby Was Asked What Has Changed Since Becoming A Husband, Here Is What He Said

“To be honest, I’ve separated iKON’s Bobby from the person Kim Ji Won…”

iKON‘s Bobby spoke briefly about behind a husband.

Bobby for illustrative purposes | @ _bobby.ikon_/Instagram

The group held a press conference on May 3 at YG Entertainment for the upcoming release of the group’s fourth mini-album, FLASHBACK.

Bobby for illustrative purposes | @bobby._.ikon/Instagram

On this day, Bobby was asked how his life had changed since becoming a husband. The idol stated that he has separated “Bobby” from “Kim Ji Won” (real name) and, therefore, while he promotes Bobby, there aren’t any differences.

To be honest, I’ve separated iKON’s Bobby from the person Kim Ji Won. Therefore, when I am present as Bobby, there is no difference. I am doing my best to make sure I am diligent for the group. If anything, it has made me more focused.


Bobby announced his engagement last August through a handwritten letter on Instagram.

Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby. There is something I would like to tell you.

I promised the woman that I love that I would marry her.  Also, I will become a father in September. Although I am happy that I will have family, I am also concerned for my fans that might be shocked by the sudden news.

I should have told you sooner, but because I was so worried, I am telling you now.

I am heavy-hearted at the thought I might have hurt those who have loved and supported me.

I apologize if I hurt you or shocked you.

To the people that have turned me into a person with a purpose, iKON members, fans, and my parents, I won’t let you down.

I will do my best not to burden the fans and iKON members.


iKON’s fourth mini-album, FLASHBACK, will be released today. The album marks the group’s first comeback in over a year, since their March 2021 release of Why Why Why.

iKON | YG Entertainment
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