iKON’s Comeback Date and Album Leaked by YG Presents

Details were leaked.

iKONIC’s can get ready because some of the most important details about iKON‘s comeback have been accidentally leaked by YG Presents, YG Entertainment‘s USA store branch.

The post has since been deleted as it was not supposed to be uploaded yet, but not before fans were able to grab a snapshot of the announcement.


iKON will be making their comeback on August 2 with their first mini-album New Kids: Continue. It will very likely be the second in a series, starting with their 2017 single album New Kids: Begin.


Earlier in the month, Yang Hyun Suk teased part of iKON’s comeback music video on his Instagram.

YG Leaks Footages From iKON’s Upcoming Music Video


iKON will be preparing for their comeback as well as their upcoming world tour, which begins August 18 in Seoul before moving to 7 different countries in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines.