iKON’s “DUMB&DUMBER” tops Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 chart

iKON‘s DUMB&DUMBER album has been spotted ranking first on Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 and top singles sales chart for the first week of October. This ranking comes only one year since their official debut in Korea.

The YG Entertainment group released their DUMB&DUMBER album just last week and their album is already topping the charts with 38,000 copies sold. The album consists of just four songs, including the Japanese versions of their current songs, “#WYD,” “LOVE ME,” and “SINO SIJAK REMIX.”

The group is currently on their Japanese tour, while one of the members, Bobby, released his solo single, “HOLUP,” also collaborating with WINNER‘s Mino as the unit MOBB with two tracks “Hit me” and “Full House” from their debut mini-album The MOBB.

Image: iKon's "DUMBD&DUMBER" album ranks #1 on Japan's Billboard Chart /Japan Billboard Chart
iKon’s “DUMBD&DUMBER” album ranks #1 on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 Chart for October 10, 2016 / Image Source: Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Source: Star News