iKON’s B.I. Reveals That Their May Comeback Will Not Push Through

They have other plans.

During B.I‘s broadcast, he revealed that iKON will not be pushing through with their May comeback. He claims that although there is music in the works, it is far from being completed, so a May comeback is unrealistic.

He said that May will be used to prepare new things for the fans, which is why they can’t come back.

Fans have hoped for a Bobby and B.I subunit, but now it is unclear if it will still push through. Many believe that it will still happen, but a comeback will come first.

During The Fact Music Awards, the idol was asked if they were going to be coming back with “Love Scenario 2.0”. B.I replied that they want to come back with a new image and that they will stay away from emotional songs since they released many sad songs last year. They wish to comeback with a dance song.

Whatever they’re working on, iKONICs will surely love!


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