iKON’s Jinhwan Fan Club Sends Massive Donations To Flood Victims in Korea

Kim Jinhwan Gallery fan club made a donation in celebration of iKON’s 5th Anniversary.

iKON member Jinhwan‘s fan club Kim Jinhwan Gallery revealed that they have donated emergency food and necessities to flood victims through a nonprofit organization.

| Kim Jinhwan Gallery/dcinside

The fan club stated that the donations were in celebration of iKON’s 5th anniversary since their debut.

| Kim Jinhwan Gallery/dcinside

Kim Jinhwan Gallery donated 1,004 cup noodles, 1,004 packages of tissues, and 1,004 bottles of water to the flood victims affected by recent hurricanes Maysak and Haishen. The number 1,004 is pronounced “chunsa” in Korean, which means “Angel”.

Kim Jinhwan Gallery began making donations in May 2019 to celebrate iKON and their achievements whenever they hit a milestone.

This is a hard time for everyone but we believe the good days will return if we hang onto hope and get through this.

We hope to see iKON’s active return in the global music scene with a new album in the near future as well as main vocal Kim Jinhwan’s solo album.

— Kim Jinhwan Gallery