ILLIT’s Alleged Cosmetic Procedures Spark Criticism From Netizens

It has become a huge “trend” of K-Pop.

ILLIT‘s alleged cosmetic teeth procedures have sparked a lot of criticism from fans.

Members of ILLIT | @ILLIT_official/Twitter

ILLIT recently made their debut after the members made it to the end of the survival show R U Next? and debuted with the track “Magnetic.”

Yet, while the members are beautiful, some netizens believe they’ve had cosmetic procedures on their teeth, specifically pointing out the group getting veneers, which is a white covering put on teeth.

In a TikTok gaining attention, a fan put a before and after for all the members, and there was no denying to other netizens that there were huge differences. While some are recent, many have seen that Wonhee had them them during R U Next?






When the post was shared…


ILLIT with veneers #illit #wonhee #iroha #minju #moka #yunah #아일릿 #belift #hybe

♬ Magnetic – ILLIT

Netizens were very vocal about their anger about the ILLIT members allegedly having veneers. While some focused on how young they are, others said they didn’t see any issues with the members’ teeth to start with and the procedure should only be used as a last resort if teeth are damaged.



It also started a bigger discussion on the topic of veneers with idols. Over the past few years, netizens have noticed more idols from big groups like TWICE, SEVENTEEN, and others who have veneers. While some worried about the safety of the procedures, other fans thought it looked unnatural.

What’s up with the veneers
byu/withtherisingstars inkpop_uncensored

byu/withtherisingstars from discussion

byu/withtherisingstars from discussion

While veneers are not always as serious and dangerous as people think, the rise in veneers in K-Pop has been noticed by fans who normally don’t see any issues with idols’ teeth to start with.


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