Netizens Hit Back At The Hypocritical Criticism ILLIT’s Yunah Has Received Since Debuting

It has netizens split.

Netizens have hit back after the “hypocritical” criticism ILLIT‘s Yunah has been receiving.

ILLIT’s Yunah | @ILLIT_Official/Instagram

During R U Next? Yunah shined with her range of performances, showcasing the diversity and versatility of her talent.

When ILLIT debuted with the song “Magnetic,” Yunah once again showed that she could do it all, taking on a much more youthful concept compared to what fans had seen in the past.

Sadly, netizens noticed that Yunah had become a target of unnecessary and hypocritical hate following her debut. Although Yunah managed to debut through the same means as the other members, netizens pointed out some differences, including the idol looking too mature and also her height, which is much taller than the other members. Some even said she was too “old” even though she was born in 2004, like Minju and Moka.

In tweets and posts, netizens shared that they didn’t think Yunah fitted with the youthful concept of ILLIT’s debut, all seemingly referring to her age in some way, either directly or indirectly.





When this kind of post started gaining attention on several social media sites, netizens hit back at the criticism and hypocrisy towards Yunah. There has been a strong discourse on idols debuting too young, and fans shared that when an idol who is of age and looks her age actually debuts, she receives criticism.

Even though some netizens shared it wasn’t Yunah’s age but her visuals with the concept, fans explained that she looks her age and that it is still odd that they want her to look “younger” to fit a concept.

Yunah is extremely talented and never fails to make netizens smile with her performance. Many netizens believe the hate Yunah is receiving is hypocritical because they want adults to debut but criticize someone when they don’t fit a concept that they believe should be for idols who are much younger.


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