ILUV Members And Agency Sue Shin Minah For Defamation

Shin Minah was recently hospitalized.

The members of ILUV have decided to sue former member Shin Minah. Shin Minah previously revealed that the former members of ILUV continually bullied and assaulted her since their trainee days.

The agency countered her story claiming that the members were shocked by the false accusations. Shin Minah responded multiple times with more accusations.

WKS ENE revealed that they’ve now decided to take Shin Minah to court for defamation.

ILUV members Seoyoon, Cui Xiang, Jiwon, Jiho, Gahyun, and WKS ENE have sued Shin Minah for spreading false facts and defamation.


Shin Minah had been preparing a lawsuit of her own with her lawyer. She had been receiving psychological treatment but was recently rushed to the hospital. It hasn’t been confirmed if she filed her lawsuit yet.

Source: Star Today