Im Chang Jung and Lim Eun Kyung reported to be in a relationship

The Korean entertainment industry has welcomed its last piece of dating news before the new Lunar year with the unveiling of a relationship between talented actor Im Chang Jung and actress Lim Eun Kyung on February 18th!

Despite having an age difference of 11 years, Im Chang Jung and Lim Eun Kyung were able to develop feelings for each other and grow to be a couple. The two first met during their movie, Sisily 2km in 2004.

An insider revealed, “As far as I understand, Im Chang Jung and Lim Eun Kyung have been dating since midyear of 2014. After acting in the same movie, the relationship between the two have became tighter.

In fact, the two have been reported to show affection towards each other on set during the filming of their new movie, Extraterritoriality. This brought the movie staff to accept them as an official couple on set.

Source: Sports DongA