“I’m The Emperor, You’re The Court Lady” — University Professor Sends Sexually Harassing Texts To A Foreign Exchange Student

He sent multiple messages.

A university professor in Korea is facing the consequences of sending inappropriate text messages to a foreign exchange student.

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In 2021, a university professor, referred to as A, was charged with sending multiple text messages to a foreign exchange student, B, who had submitted a doctoral dissertation for him to review.

In these messages, A referred to himself as an “emperor” and B as a “court lady” and made comments asking for sexual favors.

To feel good, you must accept my sexual favor…Tonight, you will listen to my sexual favor. The emperor has decided.

— A’s text messages to B

He also left messages saying, “I want to see a clever and beautiful court lady,” and “We can meet under the moonlight on a dark night. Receive my kiss and sleep well,” among others.

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When B refused A’s inappropriate requests, A allegedly sent messages hinting at B’s thesis review failure.

B reported A to the university. After conducting an investigation, the university held a disciplinary committee hearing and revoked A’s qualification as a thesis review committee member, ultimately dismissing him from his professor position. However, A refused to accept the dismissal and filed a lawsuit. Despite his appeals, both the first and second trials ruled against him.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

According to legal sources, on September 13, the Daegu High Court ruled in favor of the university in the lawsuit filed by A, who had sought to invalidate his dismissal. A’s claim was rejected. In the first trial, the court stated that “the defendant’s actions clearly constitute sexual harassment” and that “the dismissal was legitimate.”

This verdict emphasized the importance of strict punishment for harassment by university professors toward their students and the need for universities to respond swiftly and firmly to harassment cases.

Source: Wikitree
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