Im Seulong Relocated From Active Military Duty Because Of A Rare Disease

Im Seulong’s rare condition leads him unable to complete active military duty.

Im Seulong, who enlisted in 2017 for active duty at the 3rd Infantry “White Skull” Division, has been relocated to serve as a public service worker due to his rare health condition.


Im Seulong’s agency stated the singer-turned-actor’s “12th rib syndrome” has gotten worse and the military decided to release him from active duty.

12th rib syndrome is a rare condition affecting the nerves in the ribs. This condition requires Im Seulong to be on medication. For the past 7 years, he has been treating the symptoms. He has been receiving medical attention in the army as well.


Im Seulong has suffered rib pains since pre-debut days. By 2011, he was diagnosed with several other related health issues such as myofascial pain syndrome, internal disc derangement, facet syndrome, and chronic pain.

“While his condition does not limit his ability to carry out daily activities and exercises, due to its rarity and acute pain, he can fall vulnerable to symptoms out of the blue. He has been continuing treatment during his promotions, prior to his enlistment.” — SidusHQ


The agency released an official statement explaining, “The symptoms have gotten worse and they are no longer possible to treat while Im Seulong trains in the military.” 

Im Seulong is sorry he is unable to complete his active military duty in a healthy state. He will do his best where he is relocated for the remainder of his duty.” — SidusHQ


Im Seulong is awaiting notification on his new position as a public service worker. He will complete his military duty in 2019.

Source: Dispatch and Star News