Im Siwan Donated Entire Salary During Military Service To Elementary School

“His face and heart are proportional.”

Im Siwan has donated his entire salary during his military service in addition to his own money to Hyochon Elementary School in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do this month.

Siwan apparently has deep ties to Hyochon Elementary School. During his military service, Siwan participated in various activities such as helping with math study or baking with the students of this school as part of talent donation.


According to an Insider, Siwan had grown much affection for these students and hoped that he could help them excel in their studies in a better environment by donating the salary he saved up during his military service.


Netizens have been praising Siwan for his kind heart.

  • “He has an admirable mind on top of a good-looking face. Support Im Siwan!!”
  • “Wow, so admirable.”
  • “Ha.. I love Im Siwan. He’s so handsome, has values and even a diligent lifestyle. Support Im Siwan, Hwang Kwanghee and Ok Taecyeon!!”
  • “Omg what a meaningful donation. His face and heart are proportional. Such a beautiful person.”


Meanwhile, Im Siwan was discharged from the military on March 27, 2019. He has already received numerous offers for films and dramas and has chosen OCN‘s drama Strangers from Hell as his next project.