Immature EXO-L Swears At An Orphan For Holding Sehun, Here’s What Happened To Her

What a cruel message.

A highly offensive and rude EXO-L insulted an orphan for taking a photo with Sehun.

EXO‘s Sehun recently visited an orphanage as part of his continuous altruistic volunteer efforts. While he was there, he spent quality time with all the orphans and even took photos with them.

During the group photo, a girl put her arm around Sehun’s arm which was a completely harmless and innocent act.

However, when the photo circulated online, a jealous EXO-L tweeted a highly offensive message, attacking the orphan for her “actions.” To everyone’s shock, the message actually got a total of over 4,800 retweets and 360 likes.

“This is so absurd ㅋㅋ Why is this girl grabbing Sehun by the arm? If you’re going to take a photo just stay still. Wow, she’s really brave and daring to do such a thing. Normal people would never think of doing something like that. Hmm maybe she’s suffering from blindness? hahaha I even called the volunteer service center to ask them why this girl held Sehun like that but they’re not answering the phone.. ㅋ Hey pink top wearing bit*h, if you’re an orphan, act and live like an orphan..^^”

— Offensive EXO-L

Since the original tweet got so much attention, it, unfortunately, reached the girl in the photo. She then went on to Twitter to explain how the mean-spirited tweet affected not only her but all the kids at the orphanage.

“I am the pink top girl in the photo with Sehun. Because of that offensive tweet, not only me, but all the children in the orphanage were affected negatively. I wish you guys will apologize. Also, to the many people who were sending supportive messages, I thank you. I also don’t need help in contacting lawyers to sue the offensive parties. I’ve already filed a lawsuit so if I need help afterwards, I will contact you guys. For now, I have everything handled.”

— Pink Top Girl

She also included photos of her passport to prove she indeed was the girl in the photo in case people thought she was lying.


After the seeing the girls tweet, who made it clear she is seeking legal action, the initial EXO-L made a follow-up tweet, apologizing for her rash actions.

She also deleted the offensive tweet she made from her page.

“Even today, I cannot sleep because I feel guilty about my actions. I regret everything and I feel bad. My actions and remarks will never be forgiven, but I am really sorry. I’m really sorry for hurting you.

— Offensive EXO-L