Here Are The Most Impactful Ending Fairies Of The Year, According To TXT’s Soobin And OH MY GIRL’s Arin

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One of the most highly anticipated moments of a K-Pop performance is, without a doubt, the ending fairy! During these moments, the camera focuses on one member, and they’re given the opportunity to end the performance with a bang.

Music Bank MCs Soobin from TXT and Arin from OH MY GIRL recently held an interview to talk about the year they spent with the show. For one of the interview questions, they were asked, “Which ending fairy do you think had the most impact?

Soobin spoke first, and he chose fellow MC Arin’s ending fairy poses. He revealed that unlike Arin, he feels pressured to think of the best poses for each performance.

Arin from OH MY GIRL. Since I tend to feel pressure when I’m on screen for the ending fairy, I think really hard to come up with the right pose.

— Soobin

Calling her a “professional,” he admitted that he admires the way she can quickly she come up with poses.

But whenever Arin is on screen at the end of her performance, she, without hesitation, comes up with six to seven poses in a row. She is a true professional.

— Soobin

He was particularly inspired by the time she promoted Music Bank in one of her ending fairy poses.

Also, she thought of a way to support Music Bank during her ending fairy time, so I thought I should do one too.

— Soobin

Arin, on the other hand, chose Soobin’s ending fairy as the most impactful of the year. She praised him for supporting Music Bank through his pose.

Then I’m going to pick Soobin. I actually asked Soobin to do something. I asked him to do a pose in support of Music Bank since I did one too, so he did one in support of Akong today.

— Arin

It’s adorable how the two MCs picked each other!

See more of Soobin and Arin in the full interview below.

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