Im Soo Hyang Reveals Most Heart-Fluttering Scene Filmed With ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

“It reminded me of the early stages of dating…”

Im Soo Hyang has revealed the most heart-fluttering scene she filmed with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo in their recent drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty.


Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eunwoo starred in the coming-of-age, romantic drama series as Kang Mi Rae and Do Kyung Seok, respectively.

Kang Mi Rae is a girl who goes through plastic surgery to overcome the insecurities she has about her appearance while Do Kyung Seok is a boy who looks perfect on the outside but has emotional scars that cause him to appear cold and distant.


Im Soo Hyang and co-star Cha Eunwoo are known to be very close and the actress has previously even thanked Cha Eunwoo for helping them become closer more quickly.


Despite their close friendship, however, it seemed that the actress still had scenes that made her heart flutter. She explained that the most heart-fluttering scene with Cha Eunwoo was when they were walking with their hands almost touching.

“It made my heart flutter when we were walking with our hands nearly touching. It reminded me of the early stages of dating when you get excited about small acts of physical affection.” ㅡ Im Soo Hyang


Speaking of heart-fluttering moments, it may seem as if the kissing scenes could be one of the most exciting scenes, but Im Soo Hyang confirmed that they were surprisingly not awkward and were, in fact, quite tiring.

“I became very close with Eunwoo so we joked around a lot. I thought it would be awkward if we filmed the kissing scene after joking around so much, but it wasn’t that awkward. First of all, we were all exhausted. The kissing scene took too long. We filmed for about 6 hours. I just wanted to hurry up and film it beautifully so we could finish. Kissing scenes are hard work. We have to find a pretty angle before filming, so the rehearsal takes long to begin with. The final kissing scene was too cold. I thought it was winter. But I was really into the moment during filming.” ㅡ Im Soo Hyang


Despite the long hours spent on the scene, it was definintely worth it to produce such a beautiful scene!

Source: Ilgan Sports