IN2IT’s Jinsub sends heartbreaking letter, after leaving group due to incurable disease

Fans are extremely sad to see Jinsub leave the group.

IN2IT’s agency MMO Entertainment announced on IN2IT’s official social media account that Jinsub will no longer be a part of the group due to health reasons.

“Good afternoon, this is MMO Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to thank IN2U for loving and supporting IN2IT for the last six months.

Currently, IN2IT is putting a lot of effort into their new album to come back with better music and performance.

We’re very sorry to inform you, but we decided to let Jinsub go so that he can focus on curing his Meniere’s disease which he has been suffering from for a long time.

As one of IN2IT members, Junsub is so precious to us. However, his health should be the top priority.

Although he cannot be with us as one of IN2IT members any longer, please keep supporting him. We all wish his complete recovery in the near future.”

— MMO Entertainment

The disease Jinsub is suffering from is called Meniere’s disease. It is an incurable disorder of the inner ear which causes symptoms such as vertigo, loss of hearing, headaches, nausea, etc. Actress Han Ji Min has also revealed in the past that she was suffering from vertigo caused by the same disease.

Following the announcement, Jinsub himself left a handwritten farewell message to his fans on IN2IT’s fan cafe.

“Hello IN2U, this is Jinsub.

First of all, thank you all so much for loving IN2IT and IN2IT Jinsub.

I was extremely happy that I was able to achieve my dream of debuting thanks to all the love and support I received from everyone and using that support as my source of energy, I did my best to show you the best that I can be on stage.

However, as mentioned in the official statement, I will no longer be able to continue as IN2U’s Jinsub.

Our company and members took much time to discuss the matter and come to this conclusion as I couldn’t let my absence weigh down our members who have a bright future.

Although I will not be able to continue as a member of IN2IT, I will become stronger physically and emotionally and come back as a better person as soon as possible.

Please continue to support our IN2IT members and I will do my best to see you all again as a healthier and more mature person.”

— Jinsub

Fans have left messages of concern and love, wishing him a swift and complete recovery.

Source: MK Sports, Twitter and HorseBiz