Indian Dairy Brand Amul Heard ARMY’s Requests, Celebrates BTS’ “Butter” With Cute Illustration

Fans had been waiting for this!

Amul, the Indian dairy brand, shared a cute illustration to celebrate BTS‘ upcoming single “Butter”!

The brand is known not only for its butter, but also its topical illustrations, which started as a marketing tactic in 1966 and soon stole the nation’s heart. The blue haired Amul girl, the brand’s mascot, is the key element to their humorous socially and culturally relevant illustrations.

While most of their illustrations revolve around national politics and cultural events, some of them touch upon wider, international topics. For example, they released the illustration below when Pokemon Go! was taking the world by storm.

Many Indian ARMYs were hoping to see an illustration–or even a collaboration–between BTS and the beloved brand when the song was announced.

“Amul butter: The nation’s butter. BTS BUTTER: ARMY’s butter.” | @Taelentedme/Twitter

ARMYs definitely caught the company’s attention with all their edits and posts!

Earlier today, the company shared an illustration featuring the Amul girl and no other than BTS!

The clever caption reads “BeaTS other butters! Amul: K-Pop it onto bread!” and even incorporates the “Butter” album cover!

ARMY, especially Indian ARMY, are thrilled about this cute collaboration and are hoping to see more soon!

BTS’ second English-language single, “Butter,” will be released on May 21.

Source: Twitter