Indian News Channel Calling BLACKPINK “Chinese Strippers” Receives Immense Backlash From BLINKs

How could they have made this mistake?

Recently, an Indian news channel called News NationTV  has come under fire for their depiction of BLACKPINK on national TV.

There’s an ongoing dispute between India and China, and during a segment scrutinizing the Chinese government, a clip of BLACKPINK’s members dancing during a live performance was played. The commentary of the clip was objectifying, and they were even labeled “Chinese strippers”.

The members of BLACKPINK, obviously, are neither Chinese nor strippers, and both Indian and international BLINKs immediately began demanding an apology from the company for spreading such defamatory words.

BLINKs on Twitter were just not having it.

BLACKPINK has come under fire recently for disrespecting the Indian god Ganesha in their “How You Like That” music video, but YG Entertainment has since removed the deity from the video. Regardless, the inclusion of Ganesha wasn’t the members’ idea, and they don’t at all deserve to be called “Chinese strippers” for their unintentional disrespect.

Hopefully News NationTV will soon issue an apology for their lack of research and insulting comments.