Indie band JANNABI releases 1st mini-album “SEE YOUR EYES”

Indie band JANNABI, known from its popularity in the Naver Musician League, released its first mini-album titled SEE YOUR EYES on December 16th.

The title song for this mini-album, going by the same name, is about the ramifications of not properly expressing one’s love. Sung from the perspective of a lovesick man regretting his past irresponsible actions towards the woman he loves, “SEE YOUR EYES” is being lauded as having fresh melodies and clean arrangements.

A representative of the group stated that the most difficult part of producing this first mini-album was picking a title song amongst all the great tracks. The representative went on to say that blood, sweat, and tears went into creating an album that fully expressed JANNABI’s unique vocals, deep emotions, and the spirit of winter.

JANNABI began by performing at over 100 gigs in various clubs in Hongdae and busking on the streets. The leader of JANNABI, Jung Hoon, began getting exposure as a member of Superstar K5 top 7 group Plan B. JANNABI was recognized as the 2014 Phantom Super Rookie and has gained a loyal fan base as a Naver Musician Leaguer.

JANNABI will take the stage as part of the “New Year’s World Rock Festival” on December 19th.

Source: Sports Seoul