Indie Band Member Killed After Being Hit By Truck While Working Part-Time Job

He was only 26. May he rest in peace.

Indie co-ed band An Introduction to Youth member Jo Yoong has passed away due to a car accident. According to his agency, Mojo People Records, Jo Yoong passed away on September 10 in an accident at the age of just 26.

Jo Yoong, a member of An Introduction to Youth and a part of the Mojo People Records family, passed away on September 10.

We are here to tell you these news while in a state of mourning and grief.

We will carry out the funeral while adhering to quarantining procedures.

— Mojo People Records

In addition, Mojo People Records’ CEO shared more details on his passing.

Jo Yoong passed away in a car accident on September 10.

He had been working as a part-time delivery driver due to some difficulties. He was up all night working, and early in the morning of the 10th, he was hit by a truck while driving his motorbike, and he wasn’t able to wake up from that.

— Kim Seung Nam

Jo Yoong formed the band An Introduction to Youth in 2014 with Lee Si Young. In addition to his promotions as a band with her, he promoted as a soloist. He also did a collaboration with Juniel back in 2017.

May he rest in peace.

Source: SPOTV and iMBC