Indie Rock Band Jannabi Presses On As 4-Member Group Following School Bullying Controversy And More

Member Choi Jung Hoon eventually shed tears in front of the audience.

The indie rock band, Jannabi, is pressing on as a 4-member group following the controversy of former keyboardist, Yoo Young Hyun.

Amid their rising popularity, Jannabi’s Yoo Young Hyun voluntarily left the group on May 24 after he admitted to reports that claimed he was involved in school violence in the past.


The situation was made worse when rumors began spreading about Choi Jung Hoon‘s father having entertained the infamous former Deputy Justice Minister, Kim Hak Eui.


Despite these controversies, Jannabi pressed ahead with their performance at the Hansoowon Art Festival (HAFESTA 2019) on May 25 as a 4-member group. The band went on stage and performed for 40 minutes on this day.


Vocalist and leader, Choi Jung Hoon, had difficulty holding back his tears as he sang some of their songs.


Meanwhile, SBS TV‘s 8 O’Clock News reported on May 24 that Choi Jung Hoon was the son of an entrepreneur who has been charged for entertaining former Deputy Justice Minister Kim Hak Eui and that he had participated in the management of his father’s company himself.


Choi Jung Hoon’s older brother and Jannabi’s manager firmly denied accusations and announced their intentions to take legal action against it. Choi Jung Hoon also has expressed his frustration and fears.

I am more afraid of my sincerity and music being reflected as hypocrisy on stage than death.

ㅡ Choi Jung Hoon