An Indonesian Girl Group Aspires To Be The “BLACKPINK Of Indonesia”

They will be performing in Korea soon.

An Indonesian girl group recently expressed their aspirations to become a global girl group like their role model, BLACKPINK.

Members of StarBe | @starbeofficial/Instagram

On August 30, the girl group StarBe held a showcase for their Korean activities at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul.

StarBe is an Indonesian group from Bandung with four members: Abelle, Shella, Kezia, and Chelsea. They debuted on December 6, 2019, with the single “Aku Lengkap Denganmu.”


During the showcase, member Shella conveyed her aspiration to become the “BLACKPINK of Indonesia.

BLACKPINK is our idol, and when we see them perform on stage, we also want to enjoy the stage like that.

— Shella

Members of BLACKPINK | @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

StarBe, who gained attention for their release of “Touch The Sky” last October, also expressed their intention to introduce Indonesian culture in Korea.

Chelsea stated that the group wants to convey Indonesian elements in various ways, such as stage outfits.

We wanted to incorporate Indonesian elements into our music and music videos in various ways. Through Indonesian traditional music, instruments, etc., we wanted to project those aspects. Moreover, we intend to convey Indonesian elements well through our stage outfits.

— Chelsea

StarBe recently arrived in Korea to learn about K-Pop and will perform at various events, such as the 2023 Asia Song Festival on September 8, 2023. They will showcase their new song, “BANG,” at this event.

| @starbeofficial/Instagram

Keep up with StarBe’s journey in Korea on their YouTube channel.


Source: Sports Seoul