Indonesian Influencer Alexander Thian Is One Of The Biggest Fans Of BTS’s Jimin

He’s been a fan since the beginning!

BTS has one of the largest fanbases as they have ARMYs all over the world. One of his biggest fans is Indonesian digital influencer Alexander Thian. He is a content creator, author, founder of the site aMrazing, and a certified ARMY. He’s also 100% Jimin-biased!

Alexander Thian | @amrazing/Instagram

He caught the attention of ARMYs with one of his recent posts on Twitter after he showed off his new hairstyle. He was rocking his bright red hair when his significant other then compared it to Indonesian economist Miranda Goeltom

He then tweeted another side-by-side photo of himself and his cat with one of Jimin with red hair. He confessed, “Though I wanted it (my hair) to be like jimin’s.”

We definitely approve of his inspiration!

This wouldn’t be the first time that Alexander Thian has tweeted about Jimin, however. He’s actually an OG ARMY as he has been tweeting about them, especially Jimin, since 2013! He frequently praises Jimin on his Twitter account and uses the expression “Once you jim-in, you can’t jim-out.”

| @aMrazing/Twitter via @JiminGlobal/Twitter

He might hope he looks like his bias, especially with his red hair… But he once shared this hilarious post that displayed a resemblance to BTS’s leader RM while they had similar hair.

Source: @JiminGlobal and Image (1) and (2)