Industry Insiders Break Down The Extravagant Cost Of Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Wedding

The couple spared no expense for their special day!

Actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Lee Da In were recently wed in the latest celebrity wedding that had netizens buzzing as the media broke down the details of the extravagant affair.

Lee Da In (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) | @9ato_ent/Instagram

The two celebrities got married in a luxury hotel, the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, and spared no expense in making the wedding hall as glamorous as possible, with a gorgeous flower arch and flower-lined aisle, glistening chandeliers, and soft lighting with the focus solely on the couple.

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The wedding has already passed, and now industry insiders are breaking down the costs of the glamorous event, with estimates that the couple’s wedding ceremony cost them well over ₩100 million KRW (about $76,000 USD).

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Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In were married in the Grand Ballroom wedding hall at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel.

The hall can seat a maximum of 940 guests, and it’s estimated that the celebrity couple had around 700 guests in attendance. The minimum charge to book the Grand Ballroom is ₩100 million KRW (about $76,000 USD).

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The wedded couple treated their guests to lavish food options, from steamed lobster to grilled “Hong Kong style” beef tenderloin to wedding noodles and apple mango cake.

The menu also includes Buldojang, a luxurious dish well-known in Asia as “Buddha’s Delight.” The dish is a variation of shark fin soup and is considered a delicacy.

Based on the menu, it appears the couple chose the “course meal package,” which is ₩300,000 KRW (about $228 USD) per person. With around 700 attendees, it’s expected that the food cost a minimum of ₩130 million KRW (about $98,800 USD).

The floral decorations that filled the room and added an elegant touch to the ceremony cost anywhere between ₩19.0 million KRW (about $14,400 USD) to ₩23.0 million KRW (about $17,500 USD).

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The couple also paid a “hosting” charge for running the ceremony, which costs around ₩4.40 million KRW (about $3,340 USD).

That, plus the cost of prepping “Thank You” gifts, The Lees are estimated to have spent close to ₩200 million KRW (about $152,000 USD) on their special day!

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