Industry Representatives List These 3 Groups As Current Top Rookies

These rookies are making a name for themselves!

Sports Chosun, a media outlet company, recently sent out a survey to collect data on the most influential people this year, based on 5 different categories. One of these included the current top rookie groups in the K-Pop industry.

Three groups were chosen from the poll. At the top of the rankings was ITZY, with 56 points total. The 4th generation idol group has already made several achievements – such as winning a newcomer award in the shortest period and having their music video reach over 100 million views – in its short time since they debuted with “Dalla Dalla” a little over a year ago, so it’s no wonder they’re at the top!

ITZY’s power is overwhelming. Even the agencies that have senior groups check ITZY’s comeback schedule for the music show award competetion,” one official said of the group. Another added on, “There are many girl groups that stand out but ITZY is a group that brings out the individuality of each member and raises expectations with what concept to impress the public.”

TXT came in second place, with 43 points. As the younger brother group of BTS under BigHit Entertainment, it makes sense that they’ve also made a splash in the industry with their charming boyish concepts!

Here’s what officials had to say about them: “In the US music market, they are a rising star called as second BTS. The group has a strong fandom and is expected to be active in the future. They haven’t got out of the halo of BTS, but they have the most prominent concept and ability among the boy groups that debuted in 2019.”

Lastly, in third place is monster rookie group ATEEZ, with 30 points. This group is known for their unique sound unlike anyone else that is appealing to international fans especially. They are praised greatly for their incredible stage presence, and have made a name for themselves by hosting their own world tour only a little over a year into their career.

This was what was said about them. “ATEEZ is in fact an unexpected expectation. They have been attracting attention for its powerful stage performance and receiving positive responses from overseas as well. The recognition is growing frighteningly strong. Their concept is also praised as a group that differentiates it from the existing boy group.”

AB6IX came in 4th on the poll with 9 points, EVERGLOW came 5th with 6 points, (G)I-DLE, ANS, and Park Hyewon tied for 6th with 5 points, and LOONA is in 9th place with 4 points. Congratulations to everyone that placed!