INFINITE’s “Be Mine” Remains An Iconic Bop After 10 Years, And Here’s Why According To Music Critic

This is something that only INFINITE can do!

Coming in at number 23 on Melon’s Top 100 K-Pop Masterpieces List is K-Pop idol group INFINITE! According to music critic Kim Yoonha, INFINITE is considered to be the king of excessive K-Pop.

K-Pop is a genre where excess is a virtue. It is not known when the custom started, but those who make and enjoy K-Pop are given the title of ‘master’ only by sharpening their vocal skills, breaking joints, and tearing up the stage. It is music that only young and healthy bodies can handle. They are called K-Pop for convenience, but the songs have different genres and styles, with excess being the only thing in common.

⁠— Kim Yoonha, music critic

She reveals that the synergy between the songwriting team and INFINITE is what created this legendary song. “INFINITE’s ‘Be Mine,’ is a masterpiece created by the teamwork of songwriting team Sweetune, a symbol of excessive K-Pop, and INFINITE, the group that can digest the excessiveness better than anyone else.”

Even with such a unique sound from Sweetune, INFINITE can easily make it their own. “There are no empty spaces in the song, with INFINITE’s main vocals Sunggyu and Woohyun running on top of Sweetune’s unique breathtaking yet tight sound making.”

INFINITE’s Sunggyu (right) and Woohyun (left) | meilife/Naver Blog

This teamwork allowed them to continue to create more unique tracks that continue to be enjoyed today. “This upright energy created by the meeting of both a unique composer and a unique team, continued to produce legendary songs such as ‘Paradise’ and ‘The Chaser.’ Now, in an era where strong and spicy represents K-Pop, the kings of excessive K-Pop is never forgotten.”

Source: melon