INFINITE Celebrates 11 Year Debut Anniversary With Fans

Congrats to the boys!

K-pop idol group INFINITE celebrated their 11 year debut anniversary with fans. Aside from members L (Kim Myung Soo) and Woohyun, who are currently enlisted in the military, the remaining members Sungjong, Sungyeol, Sunggyu, and Dongwoo held a live broadcast to celebrate.

During this broadcast, each of the members updated fans about how they were doing.

Sungjeong commented, “It’s been a month since I’ve been discharged but it still feels awkward to be back to society. I’ve seen the other members hold live broadcasts a few times while I was in the military, but I’m nervous because it’s the first time doing one together.”

Dongwoo also expressed his sadness in not being able to be a part of last year’s debut anniversary. “At that time, I asked my manager if I could make an appearance on the broadcast with my voice. But while I was asking for permission, the live broadcast ended so I was so sad.”

Sungyeol added, “When I saw Sunggyu and Myungsoo eating yummy food, I wanted to eat some too. Now that Myungsoo is in the military, we are in opposite positions.”

Sungjong also shared his feelings of reaching their 11th year anniversary. “It’s so amazing to even be here to celebrate our 11 year anniversary. The members have a lot of love for INFINITE. We contact each other often and meet up once in awhile too. I am thankful to the members and to your INSPIRITs.”

Sungjong also secretly prepared a bracelet as an anniversary gift for the members. “This isn’t something I talked with the company about. I thought of this idea by myself. I received the bracelets yesterday by mail. I called and ordered them myself while thinking of the members. I prepared for this a month ago and it even has my initials on it.”

The members also played a bingo game to look back on the past 11 years of INFINITE. When discussing about their skills during the beginning of their debut, they revealed, “Back then, we felt that each of us needed to have some sort of unique talent so we made up new skills. Although they weren’t real skills, we just called it that.”

The prize for winning the game was a certain type of bread. Turns out this was the bread that they used to eat a lot during their trainee days. “We weren’t supposed to eat this when we were trainees but we would secretly buy it and eat it. We know the owner and this is a really old shop.”

They also held a surprise phone call with Woohyun who was currently serving in the military. As soon as he picked up the call he said, “Where’s my bracelet!” He continued, “Nice to see you all INSPIRIT. I’m doing well and now I have 56 days left. I’ll see you all soon so please wait for me a bit longer.”

To conclude, the members showed their gratitude to their fans who stood by their side for 11 years. Sunggyu commented, “It’s been a long time since we met and talked about old times. It was a really fun time. Above all, thank you to INSPIRIT, who’ve supported us for 11 years, which is not a short time. I’m also thankful to the members. It wasn’t easy since we are all scattered, so I would like to thank Woollim for gathering all of us together for this broadcast.”

Sungyeol commented, “We should have gathered together for our 10 year anniversary, and it’s sad that we couldn’t do it then. Although it’s just the four of us for the 11th anniversary, we hope to greet you with almost all the members for our 12th anniversary. We will formally greet all of you then.”

Dongwoo stated, “We took root in the soil of a company and grew up from eating nutrients. Going forward, we will  receive love from our fans and bear fruits that are our albums and continue to grow as INFINITE.”

Lastly, Sungjong commented, “It was great to hold a broadcast with the members after a long time. I was so happy that we all got together, and we hope to greet you with all members next time. We are the most thankful to INSPIRIT today. This has been INFINITE!”

The members also posted messages on Instagram thanking the members and fans.

INSPIRIT friends thank you so so much, it was great to meet all of you. I’m also thankful to all our members and I hope that our future will be filled with only happy things!! Please look forward to good news in the future. I love you all!

— Sunggyu

Inspirit, thank you for showing us constant love! Thank you for showing your love to us in different ways! While we may have celebrated our 11th anniversary like this, we hope that we can meet you all in person and catch up on conversations face-to-face for our 12th anniversary…I hope all of you Inspirits stay healthy and happy until then. Inspirits, thank you for our 11th anniversary. Lastly, I heard that it’s raining tomorrow so make sure to use your umbrellas! Thank you for Sungjong’s bracelet.

— Dongwoo

Sungjong expressed his love to his fellow members and INSPIRIT, tagging all of them individually in his caption.

Congrats to INFINITE for 11 years!

Source: joongang ilbo