INFINITE Thanks Fans And Celebrates 12th Debut Anniversary

Congrats to the boys!

K-Pop idol group INFINITE is celebrating their 12th debut anniversary with their fans! Aside from member L (Kim Myung Soo) who is currently enlisted in the military, the other members made an appearance on Naver NOW’s Midnight Idol, hosted by the group’s leader Sunggyu.

This broadcast was special as it was aired on the day of their 12th debut anniversary, making it a meaningful present for the fans. In addition, several members also took to social media to thank fans for being with them all these years.

Thank you for being with us for 12 years!I think the time together was possible due to us being healthy, and because there is so much we still want to do. Inspirit, Infinite fighting!Look it’s raining to celebrate our day, haha everyone please don’t forget your umbrellas and don’t get sick!

⁠— Dongwoo

Congrats on our 12th debut anniversary INFINITE.

⁠— Sungjong

It’s our 12th year INSPIRIT friends. I’m looking forward to our future.

Since 2010/06/09
Our 12 years that have always shined because we were together! I look forward to our past, present, and future!

⁠— Sunggyu

Congrats to the boys and here’s to many more years together!

Source: newsen