Park Myeong Soo harshly criticized for his behavior following accident on “Infinite Challenge”

On a recent episode of Infinite ChallengePark Myeong Soo was involved in a car accident during a “Speed Racer” challenge, damaging the rented race car.  The incident has garnered attention after a blog post was made by the owner of the vehicle, harshly criticizing Park Myeong Soo.  Subsequently, Oh Il Gi responded to the blog post, further escalating the situation.  Finally, in response to the situation, Kim Tae Ho, PD of Infinite Challenge, has made an official statement.

On October 30th, the owner of the car posted on his blog saying,

“My favourable impression towards Park Myeong Soo changed after the first race. I thought he would have the fundamental manners to apologize. Maybe he only thought about the fun in it and did not even look at me. Even after the camera turned off, he did not come and apologize directly. Park Myeong Soo may feel that it is merely damage to a filming prop, but there is a saying that you can pay a debt with one word. It only seemed like he apologized because the situation led him to do so. From my perspective, I cannot understand the situation. Whenever Park Myeong Soo comes on TV, I would change my channel. It is distracting and annoying to even see his face.”

On October 31st, Oh Il Gi voiced his thought about the incident on his personal Facebook:

“I don’t understand what kind of attention-grabbing this blog post is about. The season is about to end, but why instigate things with such an article? Park Myeong Soo did not rent the car under his own name. Also, it is not possible to avoid accidents in motor sports. There are plenty of accidents for normal rental cars as well. The accident happened to a rookie car racer and his racing vehicle. Wouldn’t the car owner have to settle and deal with the problem with someone else?”

Kim Tae Ho, PD of Infinite Challenge, made this statement:

“On the day of the accident, Park Myeong Soo suffered a serious bruise and was rushed to treatment. Also, the owner of the car was not present at the time of the accident. If you have thought Park Myeong Soo’s apology was not sufficient, he would have apologized in a different manner.  It is very unfortunate that we realized your dissatisfaction through your blog post.”

What are your thoughts on the incident?

Source: Herald Pop, Sports World