“Infinite Challenge” Kim Tae Ho PD named “MBC’s PD of the Year”

Kim Tae Ho PD of MBC‘s popular variety show Infinite Challenge, has been honored with “MBC’s PD of the Year Awards.” Kim Tae Ho PD’s award has been given for his outstanding works in Choice 2014 series, Radio Star special episode, and Infinite Challenge. The recent programs in particular demonstrate his ability to continue to produce improved and competitive shows for the public.

Kim Tae Ho PD’s Choice 2014 series have helped spread awareness of “6.4 Local Election” and its pre-election policies. In effect, it has increased the younger generation’s interest to partake in election voting as civil responsibilities. PD Kim has already received an honorable presidential citation for producing the series. His special episode for Radio Star has been complimented for sparking the charm of listening to radios for younger generation as well.

This award is much more meaningful for PD Kim as Infinite Challenge has reached it’s 400th episode already. Since April  of 2005, Infinite Challenge has achieved to be one of the top national real variety show in Korea. It is dared to be said as one of the entertainment icon that started the popularity and trend of variety shows in Korea.

Meanwhile, the MBC PD Association launched this annual award starting last year to honour and recognize hard and creative works by the PDs affiliated with MBC. The votes for the award continued for four consecutive days since December 1st, with more than 400 people participating voters.

PD Kim is to be bestowed with the award on the afternoon of December 9th, at MBC PD Association Year-End Party. 2014 has definitely been a great ride for PD Kim as he was featured on writer Jang Deok Hyun’s recent press conference for Work like Documentary, Enjoy like Variety Show, a book which features interviews of renowned variety show PDs.

Congratulations to Kim Tae Ho PD for the amazing award!

Source: TV Daily