“Infinite Challenge” PD Gives Fans Vague Hope, Says It Will Continue

MBC has clarified all the rumors and confusion, by stating that “Infinite Challenge” will return with Kim Tae Ho after taking a long break.

Amid the confusion of whether Infinite Challenge will continue or end with the same cast members or not, the show’s creator and producer, Kim Tae Ho, said that the show will indeed continue.


The confusion seems to have rooted from the timeline of press releases:

  • On March 7th, an MBC representative told reporters that Kim Tae Ho’s Infinite Challenge will end on March 31st and producer Choi Haeng Ho will take over Infinite Challenge.
  • As soon as the announcement was made, articles reporting that the entire cast will be stepping down from the show appeared to which MBC responded that they are still in the process of persuading the members.
  • On March 13th, it was reported that there will not be an Infinite Challenge Season 2. The report stated that producer Choi Haeng Ho’s program will be launched under a new name rather than Infinite Challenge.
  • Shortly after, MBC distributed a press release to the media to set things straight.


But MBC has clarified that Infinite Challenge will take a break after March, and Kim Tae Ho will take some time off to prepare for a new season of the show after Fall.

“After much discussion regarding changes to Infinite Challenge, it has been decided that the season will end at the end of March and take a break. Producer Kim Tae Ho will take some time and prepare for his comeback through a new season of Infinite Challenge or a new plan after fall. Producer Choi Haeng Ho’s follow-up program will not be Infinite Challenge Season 2 and the Infinite Challenge cast will not be participating in the program.” — MBC


Despite their attempt at setting things straight, fans have become even more confused at their statement. However, this was all they could announce and even they are unsure of what is to come.


In conclusion, however, Infinite Challenge will not be ending and is scheduled at the moment to return sometime after fall. Kim Tae Ho will not be parting ways with the show and the cast have not stepped down from the program. Infinite Challenge will be taking a break from April and Choi Haeng Ho’s new program will take its place on Saturdays until they return.


Fans will just have to wait to see what Kim Tae Ho has in plan for Infinite Challenge after fall!

Source: Edaily