INFINITE Dongwoo’s Mysterious Instagram Update Leaves Fans Guessing The Idol’s Next Move

Everyone’s wondering what he’s up to!

Over the years, INFINITE‘s Dongwoo has shown off his multiple talents, including singing, dancing, rapping, and even acting, and fans are waiting to see his talented self finally make his grand comeback!

Dongwoo | @ddong_gg0/Instagram

Dongwoo has been fairly quiet about his activities after being discharged from the army, however, a recent Instagram post of his has fans riled up about news of him finally coming back! In his post, Dongwoo wrote about how he was excited to meet fans soon, hinting at new upcoming activities for him!

Hello! It’s raining today and INSPIRITs might be feeling a bit down so I thought I’d come and say hi~ It’s been about five months? since I’ve worked hard on something and I think I can bring you all good news very soon! I’m excited to be able to meet you all! I will make sure to meet you all in good shape! It’s raining and chilly these days so bundle up! Don’t get hit by the rain and be careful not to catch a cold!


On his post, member Sungjong soon left a comment full of support for Dongwoo’s next step in his career, showing off their warm friendship!

Sungjong: ‘I’ll always support you’

Dongwoo: ‘Our youngest, it’s pretty emotional isn’t it?’


With his cryptic wording, fans are all busy trying to decode what this means for him, or for the entire group! Dongwoo left Woollim Entertainment back in March of this year. Although he stayed in INFINITE, the members of the group have been focusing on solo activities, with Sungjong and Woohyun only recently having discharged from the military, and L is currently enlisted in the marines.

From top to bottom: Woohyun, L, and Sungjong

Sunggyu and Sungyeol have joined new agencies; however, Dongwoo has not announced his new agency or any solo work. Therefore, fans are excited to see his new Instagram update with the mention of upcoming good news and have started guessing as to what it might be! Some think he’s hinting at an INFINITE comeback…

…while others believe he’s finally joined a new agency for his solo career!

And in the spirit of being true INSPIRITs, some fans are even jokingly guessing that there might be marriage news coming!

Whatever the news is, INSPIRITs are excited and ready to fully support him, and cannot wait for him to come back!

| @ddong_gg0/Instagram