INFINITE Dongwoo’s father succumbs to chronic illness

The INFINITE member has flown back to his home country of South Korea to be with his family and help take care of the funeral arrangements.

On September 2nd, Dongwoo, of popular boy group INFINITE, returned to South Korea from his recent stay in Japan after hearing news of his father’s passing. It was revealed that the star’s father had been suffering from a chronic illness which he unfortunately succumbed to in the early morning of the 2nd.

Dongwoo is currently said to be with his family members at the mortuary while being by their side as well as helping with the arrangements regarding the funeral.

The star’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, has revealed to several media outlets that they are reconsidering Dongwoo’s schedules regarding INFINITE’s That Summer 3: Japan concert tour that is currently going on.

Many of the media representatives are foreshadowing that there is a high possibility that Dongwoo will not be able to perform with the others for the remainder of the tour, or at least several of the upcoming stops.

Many fans and netizens are sadden by the news of Dongwoo’s father’s passing as the INFINITE member had spoken about how much he respects and loves his father numerous times on many of the shows he has appeared on over the years.

We, at Koreaboo, would like to express our deepest condolences to Dongwoo and his family during this difficult time.

Source: Insight, My Daily