INFINITE fans criticized for causing chaos at press conference

On March 26th, members of INFINITE attended a press conference for Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2015, an event which the group is scheduled to attend the next day. However, the press conference was temporarily interrupted as INFINITE fans were discovered pretending to be a part of media.

It was reported that while INFINITE appeared at the press conference, the staff members noticed a few individuals taking an unusual amount of pictures of the group. It was then discovered that the individuals were not actually authorized press members, but rather fans who pretended to be part of the press in order to get closer to their idols. The press conference was temporarily delayed when chaos ensued upon the discovery.

Fortunately, despite the interruption, INFINITE was still able to complete the press conference successfully. The boys expressed their wish to have more free time to tour around the city, including going to Victoria Peak to take a look at the nighttime skyline. They also expressed an interest in working with several Hong Kong superstars, including Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, and Aaron Kwok.

This is not the first time INFINITE fans have been criticized for causing chaos at a press conference. Back in December 2014, a press conference was temporarily postponed as fans pretended to be members of the press.