INFINITE’s L Accused Of Plagiarising Parts Of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s Company Departure Letter

Some people are saying he copied her letter.

Earlier today, INFINITE’s L announced his departure from Woollim Entertainment with a hand-written letter that he posted on his personal Instagram.

INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Leaves Woollim Entertainment

While many fans were sending him their support, wishing him the best in his next chapter in life, some eagle-eyed fans of Girls’ Generation noticed some familiar lines in his letter.

In a tweet that is very quickly going viral, a SONE discovered that several lines in L’s letter were exactly the same as Seohyun’s letter she wrote to her fans.

This picture is from L’s letter, posted August 29, 2019.

And this picture is from Seohyun’s letter, posted November 3, 2017.

The highlighted portions showcase 4 sentences that are word for word the same, minus the 3rd highlighted sentence, where Girls’ Generation and Unnies are removed, and INFINITE is implied.

In addition, 2 other sentences were discovered to also be matching from Seohyun’s letter, bringing the total up to 6. The sentences are underlined in red.

Naturally, SONE are not happy with what they believe is laziness from L.