INFINITE L’s (Kim Myung Soo) Agency Provides Update On His Military Service

They gave an update on his status.

INFINITE L’s (Kim Myungsoo) agency Management Esang gave an update about his status in the military.

Hello this is Management Esang. Our artist Kim Myungsoo has successfully completed his seven-week Marine Corps basic training course as of April 8, 2021. He is currently assigned to the 1st Marine Corps military unit and will fulfill his duties as a soldier. We ask for much support from everyone until he finishes his military service.

⁠— Management Esang

They also updated fans on how to send letters to him while in the military.

Hello this is Management Esang. We hope that you understand that we did not post a notice regarding our artist Kim Myung Soo’s military unit address. We thank fans for your love and interest. Please send inquiries to our office regarding letters, etc. to Kim Myung Soo. We will organize and deliver all letters to the artist. Once again, we thank you for your interest and love and we hope that you understand.

⁠— Management Esang

Kim released his solo single, Memory, on February 3, before enlisting in the Marine Corps on February 22.

Source: 2sang