INFINITE’s L (Kim Myungsoo) Is Now A Proud Lecturer Of The Marine Corps’ Customs And Culture

He gave an important lecture to new recruits!

INFINITE‘s L (aka Kim Myungsoo) enlisted in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps in 2021, and is currently completing his mandatory military service!


During his time in the military, along with his service, L has also made his musical theatre debut in the military musical, and has now given a prestigious lecture on the culture of the marines and its customs to new Marine corps conscripts!

L was the first lecturer to 900 mid-level ranking soldiers as part of the marines, “A Sunbae marine lectures his hoobaes” lecture series, and the lecture took place in the Marine Corps 1st division! The program aims to instill a marine culture in their soldiers and started in August. The series is split up into three sections, with the first lecture being “Commander officer shares story to Division commander.”

The “A sunbae marine lectures his hoobaes” lecture series aims to create a more positive culture within the marines by instilling accountability and responsibility to mid-level ranking officers who are leaders within their divisions. L, who enlisted as part of the Marines 1267th recruit, lectured on a “Healthy Marine” and shared his experience and hoped for positive changes.

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He first shared his experience as a celebrity, what made him choose the marines, and the highs and lows of his marines corp experience. He talked about his time in the military with pride, and talked about making positive changes together!

We must change our shortcomings and create a marine corp culture we can be proud of. Let’s stop being disappointed that nothing is changing and never stop working to create a better culture.


He then ended his lecture by stating,

I know this isn’t a heroic story or a cool eyewitness tale, but I hope my experience as marine Kim Myungsoo will help my hoobaes. The marine corps is our pride, and we are the marine corps’ pride.


L is fulfilling his military service with pride! Fans can’t wait to see him as a new and improved L again!

Source: National Defense Daily