INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Updates Fans On How He’s Doing In The Marine Corps

He is doing well.

INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo), who is currently fulfilling his military duties in Pohang, revealed that he is adjusting well and is enjoying his time in the Marine Corps.

Kim Myung Soo’s agency told Star News, “Kim Myung Soo enlisted in the military at the age of 30 (Korean age) so there were some difficulties due to the age gap with the colleagues. But after five months, he has adjusted very well. Armed with the spirit of the marines, he is determined to finish his military service in good health.”

It was revealed that he applied for enlistment for the Marine Corps before filming for the K-Drama Royal Secret Agent. During a drama interview, he stated, “Every Korean citizen has to serve military duty, and one of them includes me, Kim Myung Soo. I applied because I had a good image of the Marines.”

Kim Myung Soo is scheduled to be discharged from the military in August 2022. 

Source: star news