INFINITE Reveals Their TRUE Feelings About Female Fans Throwing UNDERWEAR On Stage

The members of INFINITE met with the press prior to their encore show on February 20th where they spoke about a situation that occurred during their Mexico concert.

With K-Pop concerts now going worldwide and venturing out of not only South Korea, Japan, but Asia in particular, Korean artists are experiencing many things for the first time during a concert, in particular, female fans throwing their underwear on stage.

Sungkyu said, “During the performance in Mexico, an excited female fan threw her underwear at L,” further explaining that “In those countries, that’s what they do to express their enthusiasm. Although we were embarrassed at first, we’re thankful.”

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be performing their 2nd day concert on February 21st where fans attending will be able to once again experience the solo stage of member Sungjong.

Source: TV Daily