INFINITE’s Sunggyu Is Officially Discharged From Hospital After Jaw Surgery

We wish him a speedy recovery!

Recently, INFINITE’s Sunggyu informed fans about his jaw surgery due to a fracture of the mandible. Below is the official statement released regarding his discharge from the hospital.

Hello, this is DHTNE. We would like to inform you that Kim Sunggyu has been discharged from the hospital. After surgery for a fracture of the mandible on August 12, he received the opinion of a specialist that he was recovering stably and went through the discharge procedure on August 16. 

Currently, Kim Sunggyu is resting at home after being discharged. He will receive outpatient treatment for the time being and will continuously be monitored. We will focus on his quick recovery so that he can meet fans in a healthy state.

We will also work hard for his stable recovery. Thank you once again to the many people who worried about him. We will inform you of his future schedules after receiving the opinion of a specialist and the state of his recovery process.

His agency’s CEO also posted a message online wishing him a fast recovery.

The mayor’s building is empty. Please get better soon and help with administration.” #kimsunggyu #getwellsoon #illbuyyougoodfood


Source: V LIVE